QUICKA Format & Rules – Healesville Bowling Club Inc.

Rules of Quicka Bowls


  1. Combo is team of three players (triples)
  2. Club is a team of 3 Combos ie 9 players
  3. Game is (8) eight ends of two bowl triples
  4. Match consists of (3) three games against one other club. Every club plays 3 matches per day
  5. Results for each round will be added to a spreadsheet, with the competition ladder based on match wins, rink wins and shot margin.


  • Schedule of matches and locations to be completed prior to the season
  • Four (4) clubs competing at one location each day
  • Competing clubs to appoint a team manager for liaison purposes with host club manager
  • Requirements: 6 rinks, 12 mats and 12 jacks
  • Provide (2) two rinks for each visiting club to practice one hour prior to start of match.
  • As players have been able to practice prior to matches – no ‘two end roll-up’
  • No timing of the green required.
  • Anyone who is a ‘member’ of your club can participate. This allows full members, social members, special members or any other category, your club may have, to play
  • Uniform – club top required (as a minimum). Correct footwear or barefoot
  • Game Day fee of $5 per player allows the host club to provide a ‘substantial’ afternoon tea (BBQ, Party Pies or similar!
  • Host manger will:
  1. determine rinks of play for each game using the ‘rink allocation sheet’ (appendix 1)
  2. prepare scorecards (appendix 2) and distribute to visiting team managers
  3. forward official score results, after they are scanned, to Peter.Russell@esssuper.com.au
  4. forward original scoresheets and team sheets to John Inglese PO Box 401, Lilydale Vic 3140
  5. be the final arbiter re playing conditions and unforeseen circumstances. Common sense to prevail.
  • Team managers will:
  1. hand a completed team sheet, (appendix 3) to host manager 15 – 30 minutes prior to start of the match
  2. give the host manager the teams game fee – $5 per player
  3. collect their own club score cards at end of the match and give to host manager


  • 8 week season commencing Sunday March 26. (1st round played twice so every club has 2 home games)
  • 9 players per club – triples format
  • Every player must alternate in the positions of Lead, Second and Skip.
  • If a club does not alternate a player in all three position during the match, will forfeit all match day points. This includes all rinks points and shots.
  • 3 games of 8 ends against each club per day.
  • Games commence at 12.45pm (late arrival etc. as per BV pennant rules)
  • Skipper places jack and directs lead to place mat:
  1. use 2 jacks per rink- one at each end
  2. if length of jack is challenged and successful
  3. Possession of jack passes to the opponent
  • Matches to start at 12.45, 2.00, and 3.15 – to finish at 4.15 approx
  • Any match not completed within 1 hour is deemed completed at the completion of the end in progress.
  • Incomplete matches (interrupted due to weather):
  1. Deemed a tie where less than 12 ends played.
  2. Deemed a result where more than 12 ends played
  3. Where the start of a games has been delayed by more than 30 minutes due to weather – therefore unlikely to complete the required 12 ends – the team managers can agree to share points.
  4. For fairness the Quicka Bowls committee will recalculate points for weather interrupted matches.
  • No going up to the head – movement (by any player) three metres forward of the mat constitutes a breach where the penalty is loss of next team bowl.
  • No dead ends, jack is re-spotted if out of bounds:
  1. on the T (2 metres from the ditch) if jack travels travel out of bounds or rebounds short of the required minimum distance of 18 metres from the front of the mat.
  2. o on the left or right of the T (approx. 1 metre from the boundary) on the side of the rink where the jack left the field of play
  • Late arrival / non-attendance of a team:
  1. Complete 12 ends to determine a result
  2. If less than 12 ends a forfeit applies
  • an overall match win to their opponents, 3 rink wins, and +5 shots
  • the opposite applies to the forfeiting team
  • The games can be played provided there are 6 or more players per club team:
  1. 2 bowls per player – lead & skipper (with no middle player) and no score reduction
  2. Substitutions apply if available, otherwise play as lead and skipper
  • Discipline / Disputes – determined by Quicka Bowls committee – a joint Eastern Ranges / Yarra committee
  • Any concerns should be directed to John Inglese via email QuickaBowls@gmail.com


  • Players must play a minimum of 6 games (2 matches) in their clubs section to qualify for finals.
  • Top four teams in each section (Eastern Ranges & Yarra) – have a final day at central location.

First finals section:

  • Semi Group 1 – will consist of Eastern Ranges section 1st and 3rd and Yarra 2nd and 4th.
  • Semi Group 2 – will consist of Eastern Ranges section 2nd and 4th and Yarra 1st and 3rd

Second section:

  • Highest points scorer (rinks and shots as per the season format of each group) will play off for ‘Quicka Bowls’ Championship.

All attempts will be made by the Quicka Bowls Committee (John Inglese, Peter Russell, Lyn Baker) to allocate finals to a central and neutral venue.