Club Events


The Club’s Presentation Night was held on Saturday night (8th of May) and was a great success. No one could have left the night feeling hungry with the feast that was provided by all of those Members that contributed with either a Casserole or Dessert. It was delicious! As for the actual Presentations, they say “winners are grinners” and here is the proof. Check out the Gallery for more pics of the night. And Congratulations to all of you.


And a special thanks goes to the Ladies (and Gentlemen) that prepared the Club for the event.




Runner-Up Winner


Championship Singles (Men)

Wally Mays Colin Lowe
Championship Pairs (Men)

Len Cosson &

Cliff McLaine

Rick Young &

Alan Phillips


Handicap Singles (Men)

Wally Mays Rob Ayres
Handicap Pairs (Men)

Rick Young &

Mike Adams

Wally Mays &

Adrian Beales


2-Bowl Singles (Men)

Adrian Beales Colin Lowe
Mixed Pairs

Faye Mays &

Wally Mays

Len Cosson &

Anne Holland


Championship Singles (Ladies)

Anne Holland Faye Mays
Championship Pairs (Ladies)

Hennie Gommers &

Faye Mays

Gayanne Hutt &

Anne Holland


Handicap Singles (Ladies)

Gerda Otto Faye Mays


100-Up Singles (Ladies)

Faye Mays Gayanne Hutt