Club Directory

Board of Management

Chairperson: Rob Ayres

Vice Chairperson: Mark Hoffman

Secretary: Effie Laban

Treasurer: Leone Fitzpatrick

Directors: Adrian Beales, Robyn Turville, Gayanne Hutt

Other Roles of the Board of Management

Bar Manager: Steve Graham

Assistant Bar Manager: Robyn Turville

Functions Manager: Effie Laban & Leonie Fitzpatrick

Corporate Challenge: Len Cosson & Anne Holland

Membership: Gayanne Hutt

Sponsorship: Mark Hoffman with Troy Pye

Banking affairs: Leonie Fitzpatrick

Maintenance (Greens and surrounds): Adrian Beales

Bowling Committees

President: Adrian Beales

Vice President: Rick Young

Secretary: Terry Langdon

Executive Committee: Ed Maxwell, Glenda Clarke, John Clarke, Gayanne Hutt

Match Committee: Rob Ayres, Mark Hoffman, Rob Broadhurst, John Howard, John Clarke, Regina Otto, Ed Maxwell

Selection Committee (Saturday): Alan Phillips (Chairman), Beau Simmons, Gayanne Hutt, Rick Young

Selection Committee (Tuesday): Steve Graham, Anne Holland, Gayanne Hutt, Barry Parker


Membership Gayanne Hutt
Coaching Terry Langdon and Colin Lowe
Functions Effie Laban & Leonie Fitzpatrick
Corporate Challenge Anne Holland & Len Cosson
Greenkeeper Shane Smith
Maintenance Adrian Beales
Website Robert Ayres

Anne Holland or

Faye Mays

Sponsorhip Mark Hoffman with Troy Pye
Umpires Terry Langdon, Adrian Beales
Measurers Len Cosson, John Butler, Anne Holland, Mike Adams, John Roughley, Rob Ayres, John Butler

To contact us, simply call our Club on (03) 5962 4984. If unattended, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can email us on OR click on the “CONTACT US” button at the top of this page.

For Emergencies, you may contact our Secretary (Effie Laban) on 0432 258 493.